openHAB 4.2 Milestone discussion

@JimT - thanks for adding the error message. Should I create an issue for the remaining problem that “An Item with this name already exists” is not initially shown?

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I use the sonos binding to trigger actions by sonos alarms (turn on the espresso machine when the alarm starts in the morning, turn on lights).
This stopped working with the latest milestone. More precisely, it works after reboot and after a few hours openhab seems to miss sonos events.

The current workaround is to keep only one up IP v4 network interface on your OH server.
Here is the GitHub issue in case you would like to follow my investigations.

Thanks, I just got around to test your fix, and it works! :+1:

It’s not that in my case. I have one ip interface up (plus the loopback device). I deactivated ipv6 which seemed to have a positive effect as the rules triggered by the sonos alarm worked for one more day before ceasing to work. I’ll try to increase the log level for the Sonos add in next. We’ll see if that provides any useful information.

JUPnP library is only using IP v4 so IP V6 can be enabled or disabled, it makes no difference for the Sonos binding.
By the way, I found yesterday the line in the JUPnP code leading to no events being received when several IP v4 interfaces are up. What is strange is that this line is there since 2015. I temporary fixed the problem for me by commenting this line. Needs to understand why this line was there and propose a clean fix.
We are not yet sure why it was working well until 4.1.1, maybe a timing difference at OH startup.

In case it is a timing problem at OH startup, it is possible that not everyone has the issue.

Thanks for double confirmation that it was definitely the new libraries that have fixed it for you. Please do not discuss it further in this thread, as its role is to track issues and not to discuss them, so open a new thread if you wish.

The newer changes upgrade the influxdb2 library from 4.3 to 7.0 so it is a big jump and is bound to contain some fixes in that alone, also and other libs are also changed. Best guess is that your system needs a compatibility change that is in one of those libraries whilst other users do not. Not going to try and explain or guess further as I do not use the addon.

I have a weird issue. I add via UI a new Thing MQTT generic. Then i add channels items etc. I saw that I made a mistake and I tried to edit it, but I can’t. Code nor via UI. I must delete complete the channel and add a new channel. I get this message via UI if I try to edit via UI:
But I add everything via UI. What’s going on? :slight_smile:

Upgrade to snapshot.

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Bug in JUPnP library is hopefully now fixed.
We just need now a release of JUPnP v3.0.1 and OH 4.2 switching from JUPnP 3.0.0 to 3.0.1.
I am confident you can expect the fix to be included in 4.2 milestone 2 (and probably soon in 4.2 snapshots).

This new version will also include the addition of a new JUPnP setting to restrict the network interfaces to the ones you would like JUPnP to use. For example, you could then instruct JUPnP to use only eth0 interface even you have eth0 and wlan0 being up. For that create the file <OH root>/conf/services/jupnp.cfg containing this line:


The parameter accepts a comma-separated list of network interface names.


Can’t edit and save channels in things.
After upgrading from 4.1.0M3 to 4.2.0M1 i can’t edit and save channels in things.
When truing to configure channel i see lock in upper right corner an it says “Channel of Things defined in a .things file are not editable from this screen”, but i created things from UI, not from “.things” file

Read 3 posts above yours …

Influx ping Fault seems to be gone with snapshot 4021

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On 4.2.0.M1 I’m not able to edit the code in things. More specifically, I cannot edit this in the screen:

label: Comando Leds Cave
thingTypeUID: mqtt:topic
  payloadNotAvailable: offline
  payloadAvailable: online
  transformationPattern: JSONPATH:$.state
  availabilityTopic: anexo/button-cave/availability
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:aveiro
  - id: LinkQuality
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
    label: Link Quality
      unit: lqi
      min: 0
      stateTopic: anexo/button-cave
      transformationPattern: REGEX:(.*linkquality.*)∩JSONPATH:$.linkquality
      max: 255
  - id: action
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:string
    label: Action
      stateTopic: anexo/button-cave
      transformationPattern: REGEX:(.*action.*)∩JSONPATH:$.action
  - id: BatteryPercentage
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
    label: BatteryPercentage
      unit: "%"
      min: 0
      stateTopic: anexo/button-cave
      transformationPattern: REGEX:(.*battery.*)∩JSONPATH:$.battery
      max: 100
  - id: voltage
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:number
    label: Voltage
      stateTopic: anexo/button-cave
      transformationPattern: REGEX:(.*voltage.*)∩JSONPATH:$.voltage
      unit: mV

It’s a significant problem for me, I’m used to define mqtt things using copy/paste and this is no longer possible.

Using Firefox 124.0.2 (64-bit)

Edit: Reported in github Cannot update using the Code tab · Issue #2523 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

It is known issue

As @sihui wrote

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Seems to be a different issue. I’ve installed the snapshot and the problem persists. I cannot write in the Code tab.

openHAB 4.2.0

Build #4026

Please try

openhab-cli reset-ownership

from the GNU/Linux shell.

Thanks. Is there another way ? I’m running OH in QNAP/QTS and openhab-cli does not exist.

The fallback code that is being used inside of openhab-cli is

chown -R openhab:openhab "${OPENHAB_HOME:?}" "${OPENHAB_USERDATA:?}" "${OPENHAB_CONF:?}" "${OPENHAB_LOGDIR:?}"

The variables contain the value for different directories to be taken into account.