Openhab 4 and Hue colorloop

I have been stuck for about a week. I am currently using Openhab 2.5 and moving to 4.0.x. In 2.5, the Hue bulbs have a built-in Channel called “Effect” which automatically (if you turn it ON) cycles through the color spectrum. In 4.0.x they DO have the same Channel (now in “Advanced” section), but when you send ON to the Channel (through an Item), it does nothing.

My thought is that I need to send some additional information somehow, but I have checked the documentation and also these discussions and I haven’t seen anyone with the same issue or needing help. Maybe I am missing something obvious.

I have even gone so far as to reprogram the same functionality, which works for about 10 minutes and then thows an unexplained error and stops (this could be a memory issue as my working laptop has only 8G memory). That’s for another topic.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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See Philips Hue CLIP 2 API v2 Discussion Thread - #185 by laursen

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Thank you so much! This will give me much to work through. I appreciate it.

Philips / Signify has phased out the old color loop effect. However they have introduced two new features – namely ‘timed effects’ and ‘smart scenes’. And there are two new PRs in the pipeline for the binding to support those new features.

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Good info to have. I have seen through the Home Assistant interface that they have a “fire” and “candle” option for effects. I assume this is a work in progress for Hue. Funny, though, the color loop still works just fine in my current live Openhab 2.5.x version. If it has been retired by Hue, I would think it would stop working on all versions.

The Fire, Candle, and Sparkle effects are already supported. And recently they have introduced some new “timed” effects which we are in process of adding.

Ok. To be more precise, the old color loop feature is still supported in API v1, but they do not support it via API v2. Instead they have notified that they will introduce a similar effect to replace it. I suppose that it will be a timed effect, but I have not yet actually seen it as such.