Openhab and Alexa - Australian English


This week Amazon started to sell Echos in Australia. This change comes with a separate alexa marketplace (in and a new Alexa language: Australian English. The openhab skills is only in US, British and Indian english and is therefore not accessible from Australian devices

Would be it possible to publish the Openhab skill in Australian English to make it accessible for Australian users ?


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I will be eagerly awaiting and following this.

I have been using Alexa/echo dot with OpenHab for a couple of months already in Australia using the Alexa App from the US app store with no worries. Now that the Alexa App was available in the AU app store I had uninstalled the US version and Installed the AU version only to have lost all OpenHab connectivity and a bunch of other Alexla Skills as well. It seams using my same username and password and logging into and websites gets you access different content.

Again us Aussies get the raw deal with restricted content compared to other parts of the world. :frowning:

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Hi All, Australia went live this morning, thanks.

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