Openhab and burglars

I know that openhab2 supports IP phones,door/window sensors, motion sensors and IP cameras. It also supports asterisk ( Asterisk is a software implementation of a private branch exchange. ) Each room has a microphone and speakers.

The scenario: A burglar(s) commits a breaking and entering, this trips the armed alarm system, and notifies the alarm company.
Openhab then performs the following actions:
1:Turns on the lights.
2:The IP cameras inside the building starts recording. The activities in rooms can be monitored on a web page based on the motion sensors. The microphones are turned on based on the motion sensors and uses this to follow the burglars whereabouts, and records whatever the burglars are speaking about.
3: uses asterisk to call the house owners, so the owners can monitor the IP cameras and the sound in each room. If the first owner does not answer the phone,the second one is called.
4: the owner can press a DTMF key to turn on the speakers and politely inform the burglars that: Their actions are being monitored and recorded, and that the police are on their way, and that this is not a recorded message.

Is that possible to do?

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It’s not as simple as someone telling you how you will need too post item files rules ect

You will have too do some reading about the things you want too do try and make a start and post your problems everyone here will be more than willing too help you once they are able it’s just you are asking for something that sounds quite complex but posted little in the way of someone being able too help

Welcome too openhab and the community


Perhaps your first challenge is working out how openHAB can tell the intruder alarm has been set off.

do you intend to use your current alarm system ?
if so what system ?

I am busy with almost the same sort of system just in smaller concept.