openHAB and closed networks

Good morning, openHABbers … I’m looking to deploy a home automation system on a closed network. One that cannot reach out to the Internet. The location doesn’t have any broadband Internet service and everything is metered.

There will be LOTS of network capabilities from devices to local servers, but nothing out from there.

Can openHAB run in a “no internet for you” environment?


You can run OpenHAB itself without any internet connection - it is just not able to i.e. download weather data. Another aspect is that you need to update your installation manually. Apart from this I don’t see anything preventing you to use OpenHAB on a closed network.


Thanks, Mathias!

I didn’t consider the weather data. That’s a really good point for my implementation overall.

Thanks again!

If you have some kind of sacrificial host between your closed network and the big bad internet, you could always try to create some service that lives on that host, fetches weather data, and forwards it to your internal server.

Or, you could set up your own weather station :smiling_imp:

Hey, Hakan … that’s a great idea. Just get my own weather station. It would probably be more accurate anyway.

… annnd it’s not that the Internet is big and bad. It’s just I’ll be on heavily metered Internet and I need to be very concerned with usage over the wire.

Now, to research weather stations! Thanks again, Hakan!