openHAB and Google Home

Hello, i am using openHAB since almost one year, lot of devices connected and very happy!
I am now starting to use a couple of Google Home Mini so i properly setup the myopenhab and Google Assistant, then i add some [“Lighting”] and some [“Blinds”] to my items.
Things are working, if i say “Hey google accendi la luce nello studio” that is “turn on the light in the studio” it works properly.
Issue1: on [“Lighting”] if i ask " Hey google, è accesa la luce nello studio? " that is “is it on the light in the studio” the answer is coming in english and says “sorry i didnt get any response”.

Issue2: on [“Blinds”] i have my Dimmer item “Serranda studio”. if i say “Hey google imposta serranda studio al 99%” it works, that is set to 99%. But if i ask for 100%, then it says (in italian) “sorry at the moment i cannot access to openhab” . Whats the problem? Am i asking wrongly?
I also have several blinds (as dimmer), also as a group item. Is there a fast way to ask “close all blinds”?


You didn’t say “please” or “thanks” :smiley:
Did you check the openHAB Log on the failed responses for errors or information?

Can you use “ON” instead of 100? Sometimes ON is interpreted as 100%. That’s be a work around and doesn’t really answer your question. I’ve no idea what could be wrong but it seems to report any errors as “i cannot access openhab”.

Tag and label the group and ask Google to command that Group. Though it should be smart enough to just ask it to close them all. If I ask to turn off all the lights it knows what to do.

Ciao @rickitaly,
I’ve just tested the same with my smart bulb and got the same response from Google mini -_-.

I will try asap with my rollershutters (I need the kids to be away to avoid them to learn to control the house gh)

Let you know.

Thanks for your comments! Very interesting.
One solution i found is to create a new item linked by script to all the blinds and i called it “All the blinds”. So i use that from google and (Except 100 and 0) is working.

Ok i am using OH only local since one year and NEVER i had any unexpected behaviour. This week, after connecting myOH and assitant, already 2 times i had unexpected behaviours. I.E. right now, that item “All the blinds” was set to 70% NOT by me!!!
How can i proceed to investigate this?