openHAB and Home Assistant in one LAN


For my school’s project I have to implement openHAB into our local network, with a existing Home Assistant environment. They were wondering if there would be any conflicts if openHAB was impelemented into our local network. And would there be any problems if we pair a HUE bridge with two domotics enviroments.

Thank you in advance.

If they are on the same machine there might be conflicts in their wanting to bind to the same ports. But I know openHAB does and suspect HA also have the ability to change the port they use. If they are on different machine there is no problem.

There shouldn’t be a problem with the Hue Bridge but I can’t guarantee that.

As far as i know they’re fine together. i run them both (docker, but both have full access to the network). You do have to consider one of them to be the main…and other secondary, especially for things with hardware bindings that may not accept two owners (eg zwave, the controller can only be used by one at a time).

I have openhab as the main, and use the old 2.5.9 event bus to send and receive states from home assistant via mqtt. Not sure if home assistant can do that in the reversion.

Just a note for anyone who comes along later and reads this. The rules that implement that MQTT EventBus have been published to the Marketplace and can just be installed and configured.