Openhab and logging of entries of club members to a web page

Supposed one has a ZigBee or zwave equipped door lock that can read invidual mifare/RFID tags and also has the possibility to punch in invidual PIN codes, is it possible to make openhab log those to a file or web page with time and date?

The password protected web page could perhaps be used to administer the codes and look up who the code belongs to.

I know that there is a ZigBee to mqtt bridge:

I am not sure if similar exist for zwave.

Any thoughts on this?

supposed the lock provides/exposes that information it can be used to trigger a rule.
From within the rule you are free to do “everything”.

It seems to do so,- the module is:

Any pointers on how one might create such a website?

Ultimately this isn’t going to be an OH thing. That’s not the sort of use case OH is designed to do. The H in openHAB stands for “Home”. It’s not designed to address commercial and industrial use cases.

Some of the pieces to this are in OH. For example, you can administer the key codes through the Thing page for a Zwave lock. One of the Channels supported by many locks is which user (usually just a number) entered the keycode to unlock it which gets logged to events.log.

But that’s not going to be very user friendly, even for an administrator and definitely not useful to create your own web page interface to it. In truth, I’m not sure you can meet all of your requirements using OH for Zwave and I suspect the same is true for Zigbee. You might be better off looking to create something custom, or even better find a door entry product where this stuff is already implemented for you.