openHAB and Pcduino3b

Could anyone comment on whether it would be possible to install openHAB on a Pcduino3b as the Pcduino3b runs Ubuntu. If so would it then be possible to control devices directly attached to the Pcduino as this is a development board that allows electronic circuits to be connected to it to control things like relays and or switching circuits etc. As it runs Ubuntu you can program the control of the additional circuits using C, C++, Java, Python, Arduino etc but I am interested in how you would integrate this with openHAB or whether you could control these circuits directly with openHAB. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as openHAB sounds like a great automation tool and if it is possible to do something like this I am more than happy to spend the time learning how to use it within my projects and add back to the forum.

The fact that the board runs Ubuntu and has good specs (CPU, memory, network) all suggest that it would run openHAB well. Ideally it would run a recent Oracle Java, but this can be determined and is very likely.

There are many possible ways to integrate the on-board hardware to get/set/command its discrete elements, anything from using the exec binding to run command-line tools, the HTTP binding to interact with a local, special-purpose web server that exposes the elements, build your own binding using the provided Java libraries, or perhaps other paths that would become clear once you’ve dug into the API documentation.

So, in theory, it’s very achievable. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you for this information. I had decided to buy a pcdunio3b next week based on its specs. If I can install openHAB and control discrete components directly in one form or another I think it will be excellent. In the end I hope to make this the central home automation server and leave it on all the time.

I plan to start by setting up the pcduino3b with remote desktop access, then will concentrate on getting openHAB installed and try to write some code to control turning a few LEDs on and off. From there I will have the base to add other components and off the shelf systems.

Thanks again.

Tonight I found a site with details on running openHAB on pcdunio If anyone is interested you can find it here:

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