Openhab and rollershutters (pulling my hair out)

Hey everyone, this is a long standing difficulty that I’ve been having with openhab and Im struggling with this. It has to be a basic thing but Im not able to figure this one out.

It’s a simple sonoff dual with tasmota, it’s configured as a rollershutter in openhab (3.0.1).
Openhab shows three buttons: up, down and a stop.
The up, goes up.
The down goes down.
The stop button sends a stop and immediately afterwards send a down command!

I don’t understand how to stop openhab from sending the second command. Can anyone relate this to some option or something? This only happens with rollershutters :confused:

so… I gave up, and decided to create a new item.
Linked the item to the channel and it works fine…

I don’t understand what the problem was… but if anyone else is struggling with this, the only difference I found was that my rollershutters were inside groups.
A new item works properly. I’m certain I’m misunstanding something somewhere, but for now this seems to have fixed it.