OpenHAB and Solarview


I’m trying to implement data from solarview into openHAB. Until now with no success :frowning:
In a terminal I can get the data with these two commands:

telnet 15000


Now first question is how to connect and how to get the data. With TCP-Binding or EXEC? (2 commands)
And second question: How to parse/split the data? I only need the number marked as bold.


I would probably write a script that I call from the Exec binding.

With a transform. You could use a REGEX transform with something like REGEX(\{\d\d\,\d\d\,\d\d\,\d\d\d\d\,\d\d\,\d\d\,(\d\d\d\d\.\d).*) Assumes that each number leading up to the one you care about is always the same number of digits.

Thanks. I just tried it with a shell script but for 00* I always get an “command not found”. How do I implement this command into a script? I’m really a beginner :wink:


You will have to look into how to pass a command to telnet. I know you can with ssh so I would assume you can with telenet too but I don’t know how off hand. For the record, in ssh the command would be:

ssh user@host `command`