Openhab and souliss integration

Hi all,

This is my first topic here, I’ve been testing openhab2 in a windows system in order to evaluate to install in a raspberry but after checking out the application and setting several devices I’d like to connect it to my arduino/nodemcu devices, As I can see there is an integration with souliss but I have a doubt, I’ve seen it runs a webserver and you can access directly to the hardware pins of these devices so my question is: Is it possible to generate several functions in arduino and send/receive values/variables between openhab and the devices? or it only works with hardware?.

Thanks a lot, I will appreciate if you post it examples here.


You can use the MQTT protocol in the arduino and send and receive messages from and to openhab.
What you do with the messages received in the arduino is then up to you.
Google arduino mqtt

You have some nodemcu devices so I thought I would share a link that may interest you.

As you can see in the link description its a 3v relay module to switch 110v AC 10 amp. I have used these with both my nodemcu and sonoffs gpio 14 to control 110v lights. You can use 5vdc relays with nodemcu but you’ll need to add a switching circuit and provide 5vdc power.

Just thought I would share with the community what I have verified works as switching relay using only 3vdc.