Openhab android app and Openehab 2 RC1

Hi All
I use openhab app on my android phone to controll openhab.
Does anyone konow what is url in openhab2 whitch I have to chane in openhab android app ?
In openehab 1.8 I simply enter host and port. In openhab2 it isn’t work…:frowning:


if you have one myopenhab access you put:

openHab remote URL is
Username and password

In alternative put the local exposed URL in remote and local URL in openHAB URL

Hi massimiliano
So I should only http://myshostname:port/ in opemHab URL in openhab settings ?

Right, if you are in your local network.

If you are in remote network, in openHAB remote URL use or pubblic URL your openhab.