Openhab android app not listing all links

When linking multiple items to a thing. Im unable to see all of them in the android app. Such as with a lightbulb. I would like one dimmer and one on off switch.

But when i create the two and link them. Only one of them will show in the app. Verified both of them works via web ui.

Any reason for not showing both or am i doing something wrong?

Maybe. What are you doing? i.e. may we see the sitemap that does not do what you want.

Just realized that i never actually made a sitemap. I just use habpanel and paper ui.
In paper ui it looks like this, as intended. But in the app it only shows the color bit. Kinda strange.

Anything else i can post to make the issue easier to identify?

Not really. If you have no sitemap, you cannot use the app.

If you’ve got or had OH “simple mode” on at some time. OH will have auto made a default sitemap.

If you want to change what’s displayed in the app, you’ll need to edit the sitemap.

PaperUI is an administrator’s interface - it shws you everything, like it or not, with all the available twiddles.

The app is a proper UI, you choose what to show and how, what can be twiddled and how. The tool to do the choosing is the sitemap.