OpenHAB Android (HABDroid) 1.8.0 - blank screen, no server version (RESOLVED)

Upgraded Android client to new (just released) HABDroid 1.8.0.
As the result lost access to the [remote] home server. 100% sure it worked before upgrade. The HABDroid screen is blank, side menu is blank. Settings shows the correct settings info, including the Client version 1.8.0. However the “openHAB info” shows "UNKNOWN, which suggests there is a basic connectivity issue.
The server is accessible from another Android that, luckily, hasn’t been upgraded.

My setup:
openHAB server - 1.8.2
Android version - 5.0.2
Connectivity - remote via https; can not test local connectivity at the moment

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Adding info…

There are no entries at all in the webrequest…log when accessing the server from the latest HABDroid
There are get /rest/bindings; get /rest/sitemaps, as expected, when accessing from the previous HABDroid

Working well for me with a local or remote access to a 1.8.1 server.

That was good to know… thx.
So I un-installed HabDroid, re-installed, entered all settings again and it works!

Upgraded Samsung Tablet - all was good, no issues.

Not sure what it was, could be a https cert issue (re-entering settings prompted for cert acceptance).