Openhab android setup error : connection to local server failed

The openhab is working on the linux machine and the cam i setuo (esp32) is showing as connected.
I can ping the IP and it does work, Now here;s the problem:

  • After downloading the android app, i am configuring the app to show the stream on local server (not remote server yet).
    The local server name is :
    (no username and password on the app ) but the app keeps showing the error ‘connection to local server failed and you haven’t configured a remote server’. Any thoughts ?

I have the same issue too!!

Is the issue only with the Android App? Can you connect to openHAB via the browser?

Is the Android device on the same network as the openHAB server?

I managed to get mine working. I had to disable AVG in order to accept the SSL certificate, it won’t display if you have antivirus software installed such as AVG.

This was on an Samsung Android phone.

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