OpenHAB announce delivery vehicles as they enter my driveway

I have a driveway sensor that can detect vehicles as they enter or leave my driveway. Currently, I have all my rooms announce when someone enters the driveway and just a ding when someone leaves. I have a lot of cameras on my property and I would like to have a system that is trained on Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and even friends’ vehicles so that rather than just saying “enter driveway” I can say something like “Amazon entering driveway”.

I ran into Frigate and it looks cool, but it just detects person, car, truck, etc. It does not look like you can train it with different images of delivery vehicles and get what I want.

Anyway, know if anything out there, or is this something I have to build from the ground up?

I don’t have anything concrete to suggest, but there are AI models out there that can detect company logos. Checkout deepstack for example. I am not recommending you to use deepstack (I’m using it currently but dislike it and one of these days I’m going to replace it).

You will have to learn how to train your own using something like OpenCV / Tensorflow. It is not that hard to do and there are heaps of online courses you can take to learn about it. Frigate uses this under the hood, so not sure if you can use that once you have done the training of the model outside of Frigate and then import the model.

I have used deepstack for training custom models and that went pretty well. But, for actually running the models with OH I use Doods2. It can work from the deepstack models (including, I believe, the logo model) and I find it much more reliable than deepstack.


Use a number plate reader and train it.

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That is a good approach as most delivery companies would only have a small amount of trucks and vans that deliver to your area. You can get cameras that have number plate recognition built in and do not need to be trained, you would simply get a Last Seen Number Plate channel that holds the plate in it as text that you can use to trigger your rules with. Cameras that can do this do cost more, but not that much, and they will offload the processing away from your openHAB server.

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