OpenHab App access is slow from Android [possible cause discussed]

I saw this thread
but as it was marked solved, I did not want to add to it.

My access using Android App is slow and lots of manual refreshes are required to keep state updated.

Using browser on same (android) mobile - there is no delay and works fine - obviously on same home network.

I deliberately misconfigured the remote server settings in the mobile app and tested again. Now the app is as responsive as the browser version.

It seems as if the connection to the remote server is blocking (or stalling) updates to/from the local server.

I can confirm that the delays I experience are in both directions. If I event tail the log and change something, the event arrives long after the change.

It would be nice if the remote and local connections could be uncoupled so that local refreshes are not delayed by a slow remote server connection.

I have noticed a similar behavior.

I even noticed that sometimes the app responds with “loading remote sitemap” even if I am In my home network.
Killing the app seems to solve that and makes it load the local sitemap first.

Same here. Thought that is normal behaviour or special to my network and never complained about it. :sunglasses:

This sounds like

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Yep sounds like this issue.

Killing the app seems to solve that and makes it load the local sitemap first.

Yes, that seems slightly more likely than my postulation.
Maybe once connected to the remote server, it is reluctant to revert to local.

Yes, it does sound very similar.

A fix could be as simple as a toggle button (local/remote/auto) on top of the app.