Openhab app android device updates

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I have just noticed on the documents for openhabs android app you can get the device too send things like battery level, charge status and other neat stuff like that how do you actually do that do you need too install tasker?

Edit just seen the part about android 8 no longer supporting these things :cry: missed that part thought it said 7 and above

Yep I’m running 8.0.0 gutted

No, Tasker isn’t required for that. The Tasker addon is independent from that.
Just go to the settings and enable the things you want to send.

[…] the items are updated every 10 to 15 minutes while charging, otherwise every 2 to 6 hours.
In addition devices running Android 7 or lower can also send schedule based items on specific events, e.g. a charger is plugged in. Beginning with Android 8 it isn’t possible anymore to listen for these events.

This means that you still get all information on Android 8 and above, but only every 2 to 6 hours.

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I suppose some updates is better than no updates I will have another look at it but I can’t find an option in the menu too enable these things only a prefix item name and alarm and call status

For now battery level, charging state and wifi name are only available in the beta version.

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I will install the beta version then give it a try :slight_smile: thanks for that @mueller-ma

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