OpenHab App -> white screen

When I try to connect the OpenHab App (either on iPad or on iPhone) to my Openhab (3.1.0) I only get a white screen… What can be the problem? The credentials are correct (also there is no feedback on wrong credentials).


Same for me on iOS, except that I’m getting a black screen (due to dark mode). Same behavior on iPhone Xr (running 14.7.1) and iPad Pro (12,9 inch, running 14.7.1 as well). I had the App installed some months ago as a trial, so not sure if it’s related to that?

What’s odd: It’s exactly the same for the Demo mode as well as with Demo mode disabled but deactivating the Demo mode and trying to log in leads to the following log entry:

17:55:50.299 [WARN ] [] - Unauthorized API request: Basic authentication with username/password is not allowed

Activating “Allow Basic Authentication” (under Settings → API Security)…

… does not lead to the log entry above anymore, but “Error - openHab returned empty sitemap list”.

Am I doing something completely wrong here? My assumption was that the iOS App pulls everything that otherwise appears in the basic UI into the App?

Update: Read on iOS App | openHAB that the assumption was wrong. :wink: (“It uses the REST API of openHAB to render sitemaps of your openHAB installation for a natural iOS feeling.”)

Update 2: After having defined a simple sitemap (and iterating to more and more sitemaps since then), the App (and with it the notifications) work like a charm. :slight_smile:

I am experiencing the same problem here. Moved my entire text-based config files over from a 2.5.12 to 3.1 and BOOM, white screen on the app.

Anyone working on this, please?

Still an issue. Observing the same as @Cplant
Started from scratch a few days ago, so all is clean/latest etc…
Added a few models/items via GUI only.
Is this being worked on?
First impressions are everything.

Have you defined a corresponding sitemap in the folder /sitemaps/ as described under Sitemaps | openHAB ?

Perhaps my case will help. Today the client through myopenhab stopped working on my phone. On the desktop, when switching from the Home page to the dashboard, the message 504 gateway timeout was displayed.
Restarting the home server did nothing. The upgrade of the home server from 3.1 to 3.2 helped - the client immediately started working on the phone.