OpenHab App -> white screen

When I try to connect the OpenHab App (either on iPad or on iPhone) to my Openhab (3.1.0) I only get a white screen… What can be the problem? The credentials are correct (also there is no feedback on wrong credentials).


Same for me on iOS, except that I’m getting a black screen (due to dark mode). Same behavior on iPhone Xr (running 14.7.1) and iPad Pro (12,9 inch, running 14.7.1 as well). I had the App installed some months ago as a trial, so not sure if it’s related to that?

What’s odd: It’s exactly the same for the Demo mode as well as with Demo mode disabled but deactivating the Demo mode and trying to log in leads to the following log entry:

17:55:50.299 [WARN ] [] - Unauthorized API request: Basic authentication with username/password is not allowed

Activating “Allow Basic Authentication” (under Settings → API Security)…

… does not lead to the log entry above anymore, but “Error - openHab returned empty sitemap list”.

Am I doing something completely wrong here? My assumption was that the iOS App pulls everything that otherwise appears in the basic UI into the App?

Update: Read on iOS App | openHAB that the assumption was wrong. :wink: (“It uses the REST API of openHAB to render sitemaps of your openHAB installation for a natural iOS feeling.”)