OpenHab "appears" to have stopped working

*I haven’t had much time lately so haven’t been playing with OH 24/7 like I used to, and now its appears to have stopped working im not sure why.

I restarted my server recently and that’s when it all seem to go pear shape.

I can access the OH GUI and when I turn a device on or off, i wee a corresponding entry in the events.log file, but i don’t see any thing in mosquito.

When I send the ON or OFF command from MQTT.fx then the device turns ON or OFF.

is as if OH isn’t sending the message to mosquito

you may want to reinstall your MQTT binding and possibly the MQTT action too

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“haven’t been playing with OH 24/7” means like doing nothing? or did you just upgrade to 2.2 also?
There’s been some unexplained side effects with the upgrade…

Sorry what i mean by “haven’t been playing with OH 24/7” is i have just left it doing its thing, and everything was working fairly well. I started getting intermittent issues with a couple of devices, all mainly based around amazon Dot, then yesterday i rebooted the server and everything stopped working. I did notice that everything started to go wrong after i updated the APP on my phone. The APP appears to work, by that i mean you can toggle switches but nothing happens, also all the icons blink constantly in the APP

That seems to have fixed the majority of the problmes

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Good. Hope you will clear any remaining problems as well.

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