Openhab as SaaS

I´m new to OpenHab and I could not find information in the documentation that answer my questions, so I’m posting them here asking for your help:

  1. Can I install OpenHab on a linux server (let´s call it remote server or RS) on my own domain and use it as SaaS platform?
  2. The idea is to manage multiple devices on multiple homes. Is it mandatory to install a local OpenHab hub on each home?
  3. Is the discovery of devices done only on a LAN or I can also do it with my RS

Thanks in advance!!

  1. Yes but…

  2. often connecting to certain home automation technologies requires access to hardware physically located in the home.

  3. Local to LAN for any technology that is locally controllable. Technologies that goes through some vendor’s cloud services can be connected to from anywhere.

Given this, almost no one tries to run openHAB on some sort of external cloud service. Doing so will exclude the option to integrate with whole swaths of home automation technologies.

You could host your own instance of the openHAB Cloud Server which will allow remote access to your locally installed openHAB (assuming you don’t want to use the openHAB Foundation hosted instance at But that’s just a sort of reverse proxy to access an openHAB instance hosted in a LAN from the Internet.

Thank you very much Rich