Openhab as service vs ./ issue/permissions

Hi all, trying to get the serial binding working.

When I start openhab with ./ to test everything works fine.

When it’s started as a service it doesn’t seem to work. I’m using this to start as a service:

The user is root which I don’t know if that is the way to go but when I select the standard user (open) it won’t start up.

I’m guessing a permission thing but I’m not sure where to go from here. When I tail the log it doesn’t show anything as I’m assuming it isn’t set to debug.

thanks Josh

1st thing is, openHAB should not be started with root permissions for security reasons (obvious) - though for testing this is ok @ home :slight_smile:

If the user open is the preferred user, you have to chown all openHAB-related files to this user, or at least configurations, logs and persistence files. Aside from this for serial connections the user open has to be member of the group dialout.

If openHAB starts fine with ./ (same as ./ but with lower logging level) there is a high chance of typos or misconfiguration in the init script, if this does not.

If you are using debian or a debian-like distribution, I suggest installing openHAB from scratch the apt-get way. This would also install autostart scripts suitable for your debian flavor. :slight_smile:

If your platform is Raspberry Pi (1-3) be aware that the serial port is non-standard and has to be notified to openHAB within the autostart script (and also /


I’ve come from an older installation on debian when everything was in the /opt directory. It’s a VM so I think I’ll start a new VM and try the apt-get install and see how that goes.

I do have open as a member of the group dialout so I assume that side of it is fine.

Thanks Josh

I’ve started a new topic as i’ve now got an apt-get install running and still having issues so maybe a rule issue…