Openhab as Snap

Some time ago, Openhab was announced as a Snap.
I just looked at the snap in my ubuntu, and it’s still running v 2.0.

Is snap’s a dead end, or something to look at, if i’m thinking about reinstalling my OH ?


It might be best to ask that question on . I’m sure it’s a simple case of updating to the new package.

Thanks, but my question was more, if there is any official effort, in updating it.

Right now it seams pretty dead :slight_smile:

uappexplorer shows that the last published date is today. I’m not a maintainer of the snap packages, but it looks like that it’s setup to automatically follow the openHAB distribution, which is active development.

openHAB 2.1 was released less than a week ago so if you are indeed seeing the single features of the first 2.0 install without a chance to update it I’d recommend making an issue on the link above.

Hi i am using snap version on Ubuntu 16.04 without any issues. Everything is working just fine. I think that is the best method of install on a Linux machine. Thank you for this :wink:
Now the problem…i want to install an addon, Yeelight binding1. The question is, where should i put the jar/zip file? The addon folder that i found is RO, and in /var/snap/ i could not find the folder.
Thank you again.