openHAB Authentification problem


I’m a new user of openHAB, i’ve create an account in but i’m not able to connect to my localhost dashboard and the iOS application.

Please check screenshots attached to this e-mail. I need your help.

Bests Regards,

Take a look here and read all steps, check primarily if you have the correct security settings to work with my.openHAB.

Good luck.

Hi Sihui,
Thank you for your replay, i have made all steps and i’m using the default setting to test demo. But i dont understand whay my account can not connect.
Bests regards.

Okay, lets try to find out what you are doing:

  1. If you want to access your local installation via you need to follow this link: (assuming you have a sitemap called demo)
Then enter your username and password for

  1. But according to your screenshot you are trying to connect directly to your local installation via localhost.

Then you don’t have to enter any username or password (if security in openhab.cfg is setup this way), just enter this in your browser:

http://lcoalhost:8080/ or

For 1) you need to setup security in openhab.cfg to external, for 2) you can switch off security (but then you can’t connect to

If you are a beginner with openhab I would recommend: don’t deal with at the beginning, set security to off and connect to your openhab demo locally.
If you have played around a while and need to access openhab from outside your network then deal with

Good luck.

Ahh, as I saw just now you tagged your post with openhab2!
I don’t use it , am on version 1.71 production release.
I have therefore no idea if version 2 alpha works the same as version 1 stable regarding auth.