openHAB bindings coming from Eclipse Smarthome

A few days ago I filed an issue report on the Eclipse Smarthome Astro binding over at GitHub:

The reported issues have now been fixed (record speed!), something I am very happy about. I now wonder, however, how this fix will propagate into openHAB (and eventually my installation).

Anyone familiar with how (and when) the openHAB snapshots are synced up with Eclipse Smarthome that would care to share their knowledge?

Generally but not systematically a new ESH build is included in openHAB once a week or rwo weeks.

OK, then I’ll just wait a while and hope for the best, :slight_smile:

You can follow the ESH releases here


I just saw that the fix I am waiting for was included in the latest ESH release (Sept 1), so now I am waiting for it to come to openHAB.

To satisfy my curiosity; is there any way to track what ESH release that a certain openHAB release (snapshot) is built on?

In general, Kai is building a new OH build the same day he produces a new ESH build. Or you can wait for the next night build.
To check what version of ESH is included in your OH, you can run the command bundle:list in the console, each bundle includes its built date.

Who needs a fancy build process, when we have The Kai :slight_smile:

Seems the fixes I am after are indeed part of the latest snapshot. Oh’joy!

Thanks again for sharing your insights.