openHab can read Nest API, but not write Nest API

Nest account is online when looking at Things. Update one item via Rest/Item/Put/State. Value changed in paper UI (rest items), but did not update Nest API information. OpenHab resets to original value (to what is active on Nest API).

Permissions on Nest Developer are read/write.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  1. Which openHAB version do you use?
  2. Which Nest binding do you use 1.x or 2.x?
  3. Do you see Nest related warnings/errors in your logging?

OpenHab 2.3.0
Nest binding 2.3.0

I have turned on debug, triggered an update to Nest item with Rest API, waited for the system to update the value from the NEST API, and received some interesting information.

I see that the API is attempting to update my previous thermostat item. When I updated my system, I replaced my old configuration with the Nest Binding 2.3.0, and it appears as though some remnant configuration is still defined in my system.

Other than removing the configuration in openHab, and getting a new token from Nest developer site, is there any hidden information within openHab setup which I need to locate and remove?


A bit more information.

2018-10-25 09:49:45.894 [DEBUG] [g.nest.handler.NestThermostatHandler] - Thermostat TBUxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWo0S is not handling update for wRyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE_UGxxx3-wxx-Q

2018-10-25 09:49:45.898 [DEBUG] [g.nest.handler.NestThermostatHandler] - Updating thermostat wRyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE_UGxxx3-wxx-Q