Openhab.cfg not found

I’m brand new to all this and trying to figure it out (using OH 2). I keep seeing references to openhab.cfg. I read somewhere that in 1.x it was in the conf folder and in 2.x it’s in the conf/services folder.

I don’t have it in either. Is this a file that I have to create myself based on some sort of template? I was reading the wiki about installing weather service information and apparently it’s supposed to go in there.

I’d take a link to a good explanation, if anyone has it. Thanks.

Oh - a secondary questions: Is the designer supposed/able to be used with OH2?

One cfg file per binding.

Got it - thanks! That’s the page I had seen before, but couldn’t remember where - and I didn’t really understand most of it when I read it. While we’re here, I nuked my file while playing with the vi editor (because I couldn’t figure out how to exit!). I’m trying to find a copy of the default code it usually contains so I can nano it back together without re-installing. Could you point me to the right place?

Thank you!