Openhab-cli in a Docker Container

i need to perform a Full configuration Backup to migrate my installation of OH3.3.0 from a docker to a virtual machine.
But I don’t know hot to perform openhab-cli backup into docker container

Any Help?

There is no openhab-cli in the Docker image. But there is a backup script in /openhab/runtime/bin. But you should have your conf and userdata folders mounted as volumes in the container anyway. So just save those two folders and you have a full backup.

and If I save the folder how can I restore on a Classic OH3 installation on a Linux Box?

userdata goes to /var/lib/openhab and conf goes to /etc/openhab.

You might want to clear out the userdata/cache and userdata/tmp folders but that’s probably not strictly necessary.

Just make sure that the new instance of OH is exactly the same as the version the configs are coming from. After the restore you can upgrade but not before.

thanks done