openHAB client for Android on F-Droid

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I’m happy to announce that the openHAB client for Android finally[1] made it to F-Droid, an app store for free software apps. This is only interesting for the hardcore free software people. If you have the Play Store installed, just continue using the Play Store version.

There are some known limitations:

  • Push notifications and mapview support depend on Googles’ closed source libraries, so we had to remove those from the F-Droid builds.
  • You have to uninstall the Play Store version first before you can install the F-Droid version.
  • Builds will appear a few days after they have been released on the Play Store.

You can install the stable and the beta version alongside.

[1]: Issue for this was opened 2014:


Thx, have chosen the Beta, no issues so far :+1:

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There was an issue causing the beta version not being updated, but it should be fixed now.

I’ve got the 2.1.5-beta on 2018-05-13 …

Edit: Oh, I see, a newer one is available. But no 2.1.6 available on F-Droid :joy:

2.1.6 was tagged by me yesterday and F-Droid only builds once or twice a week, so it can take some time until it’s released there.

Got 2.1.6-beta today.