OpenHab Cloud - Alexa


I‘ve installed and connected the Cloud Plugin with my Alexa and it worked.

But after a few days, alexa is saying „XXX reagiert nicht“ translated: „XXX is not reacting“.

After a restart all works fine, but again only a few days

Has someone a idea how to solve this problem?

Make sure the openHAB Cloud Connector is still installed and for some reason didn’t get uninstalled.

Try restarting your OH.

Alexa will not be able to reach OH until shows online.

as a said after a restart it works for a few days, but then again the same error.

anyone a idea? Cloud Connector is still installed and after a reboot it works fine for some days. Then again the same problem.


Is there any helpful information in the logs of openhab?
On which system are you running openhab?

How is your network infrastructure?

I‘ve checked the log, unfortanely notthing that could help.

openhab is running on a raspi 3b+ with a 128GB Samsung SSD.

Raspi is connected via LAN to a switch (which works fine) and the switch is connected to a FritzBox.
Alexa Skill works fine when raspi is rebooted, but unfortanely only a few days.

I think you “only” have issues with the cloud connector and because of that Alexa is not working.
Try setting the cloud connector to debug to check if anything helpful is in the logs.

Therefore, access Karaf and do the following

log:set DEBUG  

Until the next reboot, the cloud connector will generate debug logs

Restart your Openhab cloud bundle in Karaf. Do bundle:list find out what number your OH cloud is and then do bundle:restart 215 (replace with actual bundle list number)

So I’ve tried to access karaf with port 8101, but i get following error.
Normal Port 22 SSH works.oh1 oh2

An alternative approach is to use the Hue emulation binding.

Alexa is able to find Hue bridges locally and talk to them directly without any Internet involved except the voice recognition: In my experience it is way faster this way.

Try entering karaf console via CLI (SSH is working too)

Hue emulation works, think i’m going to try that when Cloud Connector makes problems.

Is it possible to ask Alexa for the temperature without Cloud Connector?

no unfortunately not

Thats not true, it works.
Just tag your item with [ “CurrentTemperature” ].