Openhab cloud, android app, notifications

I would like to use the notifications, as in this tutorial https: //, but I can’t connect to openhab cloud without SSL, I don’t have such option in the android app
has it been disabled? do I need to get SSL certificate?
can I use this notifications offline when my phone and openhab server are in one LAN?

Hi @meli

You’re referencing a blog post from 2018, and much has changed since then. It’s generally a good idea to look for examples in the openHAB community so that you can find the most recent advice and knowledge. The blog writer appears to still be active, so I’m guessing he’s an openHAB community member (and has probably forgotten about that old post).

Now, you’re talking about two different things, so I don’t know what you actually want. Mobile push notifications only work through myopenHAB (or your own openHAB cloud server). You do not need SSL for them. You just have to have the openHAB Cloud Connector configured properly.

Email notifications work through the Mail Binding, which has replaced the Mail Action referenced in the blog post. That doesn’t have anything to do with the Android App; you just have to install the binding, configure a mail server, and then set up your rules. It’s all in the documentation.

Good luck!

Yes, it has been disabled. For security reasons you can’t configure a remote connection with http.
If you want to send notifications to the openHAB App, I recommend to use You’ll need a openHAB cloud server anyway and this one is free to use, completely configured and has a ssl certificate.
If you want to host your own cloud server, see openhab-cloud/ at master · openhab/openhab-cloud · GitHub