[openHAB Cloud] configuring items in a config file

Is there a way to not configure the items I want to see in openHAB Cloud via config file and not via Paper UI?
I’m much the oldfashioned guy, and want to be sure, my config is safe in a config and I can access it easily.

to NOT configure or to configure?

You can use the cfg file of the binding. With


you can define your items. See also here:


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thanks, I was looking for that - but was apparently blind.

Is this the openhabcloud.config file in openhab2-userdata\config\org\openhab or something else?

I can’t see any devices in myopenhab and when selecting devices in the paper-UI configure window, save does not save the selection.

Additionally, all the links to the opencloud documentation in this thread are broken and the only link I could find is very superficial.

What I am trying to do is see my items in myopenhab.


Here’s the correct document.

I can now expose items by editing openhab2-conf\services\openhabcloud.cfg

I’m still not sure why I can’t do it through paper-UI.

Not sure why I couldn’t find the correct documentation before. The problem I have is that there is so much out-of-date or sometimes incorrect information that one can get a bit lost.
I do appreciate that all this is voluntary so this isn’t a complaint.
I’m not up-to-speed enough to help with it yet.