OpenHab Cloud Connector causing my system to not work properly

I have insteon lighting and am using the insteonPLM binding. I setup rules for my scenes and they all worked perfectly. Then when I add the cloud connector my scenes are only triggering some of my lights to change (logs show it going through every light). Example I set all lights (15 lights/switches) to either turn on or off and only 2 change. If I uninstall the cloud connector then it goes back to normal operation. With the cloud connector installed I can successfully change any individual light just fine through the panel or with my amazon echo. Final thing I tried before posting was putting “Thread::sleep(10000)” after each light for a 10 second delay between lights. This did help, however only a little. With the delay now about 4 -5 lights out of 15 change. Please help!!

This was an issue for me as well. Did you ever find a resolution?