Openhab cloud connector uninstalling - Solved

My openhab cloud connector is uninstalling itselv from time to time… I install it again and the same thing happens after a day or so.
Can anyone help?

Add a line to your addons.cfg:

misc = openhabcloud

Thanks for the very quick answer, I have many other add-ons but they are not in my addons.cfg, and they don’t seem to uninstall.
Do you have any idear why?

No idea. And I have never heard from any other user that only one binding gets uninstalled automatically. There are only some posts where users report ALL bindings get uninstalled automatically … and this was from the time of the transition from mapdb to jsondb.

I think I found out why: in my addons.cfg is ignored some line and some other I specified see

Why would you specify the different services? and how do I find the names of the different services? E.g the correct name for openhabcloud.

Take the name shown in PaperUI -> Add-Ons:

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