openHAB Cloud: Deleted Account, cannot create new one using same UUID

Hi guys,

I just deleted myopenhab account, with the intention to re-register it as it was not allowing to save the UUID, however now that I am in the process to register it again, it says: UUID is already in use on another account.

Any idea of how to overcome the issue?

Try renaming the files and restart openHAB. See if it will generate new ones.

If you uninstall the opencloud binding then reinstall it should create a new UUID but you should verify this by looking at the file first.

File location is: /var/lib/openhab2/uuid

If a new UUID is not created then you can remove it manually then uninstall/reinstall the binding to get it. The secret info shouldn’t make a difference but I added the location just in case.

Thank you a mil.
It worked!!!