openHAB Cloud documentation

hi all,
is there any documentation for implementing my own openHAB Cloud server other than the one on the github ? in fact it misses some key requirements
i have managed to deploy my own on a VM running on Azure, and my openHAB is registered and appears online, however whenever i try to access the UI it redirects me to
i believe i am missing some configuration still
any idea ?

@Basem_AlSaeed there will be some further docu soon. We re working on that continuously.
Please see my other answer. It looks like you didnt configure the OH2 cloud vonnector properly.

@MARZIMA thanks a lot, i have answered you there :slight_smile: i think it is configured properly because i am able to see the status of the server and items

one more question :slight_smile: is it possible to have the base url in cloud connector pointing to https://mycloudadress
given that i have already installed a public certificate on nginx and i can browse it normally from chrome
thanks a lot for your support and help :slight_smile:

Yes that should work!
The OH log will show that it is connected with according UIDD and secret. Be sure to add those UIDD and secret to your cloud instance.

BR Mehmet