Openhab-cloud + ifttt

Hi, I have been looking everywhere for an answer to this;
Ive set up an openhab-cloud server, but all documentation on setting up ifttt to talk to it rely on setting up a custom applet on ifttt using a developer account. It now looks like ifttt have stopped people from setting up personal accounts, all I see if an “apply” option which looks like it is meant for corporate developers to access their platform.
Can I still apply with them for a personal api access?
From what I understand they now suggest using webhooks for personal projects.
Can webhooks be set up to send a request to openhab-cloud?
How do we go about doing the ifttt integration now?


Hi @GaryB,

there is an official IFTTT Service. See for more Information.
After you logged in and enabled the service you see the following in your myopenhab Account (Hover on your email address in the top right corner and click on services).

If you need further help connecting both, just leave a message. :slight_smile:

Hi @hExPY
I can connect the ifttt openhab service to my account.
But what about an own openhab-cloud server?
The ifttt service always connect to How can I change the URL to my own server? Or is it not intended to connect to my own server?


I guess it’s not intended to work without but I’ll take a Look of it’s doable.

Yes! Now I know, that the IFTTT API is provided with the openhab-cloud server installation.
All I have to do is to create my own IFTTT service via IFTTT platform pointing to my own openhab-cloud server. It’s a little bit tricky because of missing documentation, but I’ve got it running.

Awesome. It would be great If you could write a small documentation for everyone. :slight_smile:


I was trying to go in the same path you traveled. Stuck at a point where IFTTT request being converted to OpenHAB api paths. Could you let us know how did you convert the request from IFTTT (https://my.private.server/rest/ifttt/v1/status) to OpenHAB rest call (https://my.private.server/rest/services)??