Openhab cloud - Not Syncing

For the new openhab cloud settings:

There is a picklist or if i hit expert mode there is a string of everything i want to expose.
When i enter a bunch of items comma separated in the string, i notice if i go back to the picklist, none are checked. Is this expected? what happens if i go into the picklist and check another? Does it pull from both settings?

Also, after i did this, I don’t see any events populating in the cloud anymore since yesterday when i made the change.

Ok here’s what i found:
If i type my own comma seperated list, it breaks.
It puts one large item checked in the picklist, but nothing syncs with the cloud.
If i individually chose them, it works.(with checkboxes)
I have tons of items, so this is exhaustive. Also, can the list be sorted alphabetically?

Did you try to define your settings in a config file as edescribed in the readme ?

Another question, do you realy need to expose your “tons of items” ?

You only should expose the once your realy need to be exposed.

I’ll give that a try.
No I don’t; what i did initially was expose them all.
I noticed java was spiking and saw a post where the openhabcloud piece was causing that.
I figured i should trim down that list.
So i just went into expert mode and entered them in a comma separated list and saved.
That’s when it stopped syncing anything with the cloud.
I went back in and manually checked the ones i wanted…then it started syncing.