OpenHAB Cloud Registrations

Is there a API for OpenHAB Cloud, I want to be able to build a registration UI using the API?


hi can you please give more info what exactly do you want to do. There are APIs and you can customize your registration UI. But I am not sure if I got you completely.

BR Mehmet

@MARZIMA Thanks for the reply. For example I want to have the registration UI from mobile app or a seperate website, instead of using the standard UI ( Of course we will host our own instance of the cloud service in AWS.

Not sure I have seen any documentation on the API for OpenHAB cloud service?

Hi, @MARZIMA Do you have any further thought on this?

Hi @prasanna981,

Are you able to use API ?

Are you using Openhab-cloud for Registration ?

Please share your finding.


thats true there is no special docu about that yet.
If you look into the functional architecture, you will see how all is structured. The login from an App is possible…thats what HABdroid or iOS openHAB is actually doing.
You need to check the code, there you will find the /register route, also for oAuth.
BR Mehmet