OpenHAB cloud return no port number

I have finished setup my own openhab-cloud (myopenhab) server on VPS running ubuntu 16.0.4.
Everything running as expected, I can open from browser with https://my_cloud-host:49447/basicui/app
but if I issue Rest Api with https://my_cloud-host:49447/rest/sitemaps
the result is:
The port number 49447 is missing.
HABdroid can’t work with this condition.
Sorry for my poor english, hope you understand what I mean.
FYI: my VPS provider not allow me to accsess standard https port number 433 from public site.

In Habdroid you set your openhab Remote URL to https://my_cloud-host:49447 and it handles the port for you. At least that is how it works on mine without problem.

Hi, @rlkoshak.

Yes, I have set my HABDroid remote URL to https://my_cloud-host:49447 but the cursor spin forever without display any items from sitemaps.

FYI: I can open my openHAB cloud home screen from internet browser with the same URL (https://my_cloud-host:49447).
When I open the bindings menu on HABDroid, the apps display all my bindings items.