OpenHAB Cloud - Service contributing criteria

Hi OpenHAB Community,

First of all I want to thank the community for all the work it has already done. I love the project and I’m a huge fan of all the work you have put into it.

As I was taking a look at the software architecture of OpenHAB and OpenHAB Cloud I’ve noticed that the architecture of OpenHAB looks at addons, bindings, modules etc. as an essential part and provides strict guidelines how a new addon, binding or module can be integrate into the system. In the architecture of OpenHAB Cloud I miss this guidelines for new services.

For my own interests and for fun I will integrate a new service (like IFTTT) into my OpenHAB Cloud Instance. The Contributing Guide states exactly the Git Flow, how to fork and bring back changes via PR, but I’m missing a bit a guidance how to integrate additional services into OpenHAB Cloud. As template I would use the implementation of the IFTTT Service.

What I would like to ask the community is, if there are any criteria a new service that gets integrated into OpenHAB Cloud needs to have, so that it will be allowed to be contributed back as PR into master?

For me it would be a bit frustrating when I’m able to integrate the service but the integration will never be able to get back into master because I did not know that f.e. the service has to usable free of charge or something.

Thanks in advance and have a nice evening!

IFFFT was part of our cloud service (myopenHAB), but was disabled due to performance issues. Our main contributors are working on a solution to bring this feature back, but there is no eta.

In general, adding new features follow the same guidelines like adding a new binding.

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