OpenHab Cloud vs. My.Openhab

For the novices, what is the difference between OpenHab Cloud and My.Openhab?

From what I understand (I don’t use it myself), OpenHAB Cloud (or myOpenHAB) is a cloud-based companion to your local OpenHAB installation.

Basically, you can use myOpenHAB to access and control items in your home outside of your local network. An OpenHAB installation is still mandatory.

openHAB Cloud is the not yet released successor to my.openhab :wink:

Uuuhhhh…Duke Nukem would call it groovy… :slight_smile:

So would I best be able to describe it is that the new OpenHab Cloud is a remote portal to your local device and My.Openhab is more of a website that draws information from your local installation and presents it to you?

Would you be able to access your .item/.rules files from the new OpenHab cloud? Sort of like a remote ssh?


true, it is not yet released but the link
describes it in general. We will make an announcement soon.
In summary, openHAB Cloud is the opensourced version of the openHAB Foundations hosted version: myopenhab

It is a free cloud service for your openHAB devices. By using myopenhab, you dont need to do tricky stuff (open ports or do dyndns) to remote access or steer your openHAB device. If you re local at home you can connect directly to your openHAB.
myopenhab gives you also other cloud based possibilities and serves as a reverse proxy access to your REST API (Items etc.). It will also enable Push Notifications to your mobile apps.

Just be patient and you can soon register for an account on myopenhab

Hope I could answer your points.

BR Mehmet

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Seems like we are getting closer (maybe some kind of xmas present this year?! :wink: ):

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The openHAB Cloud software is also working but installation and configuration need some Linux know-how. But after some smaller problems it worked and I had no problem to connect a running openHAB instance with it.

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Where is the openHAB Cloud serviceof the openHAB Foundation e.V. hosted?
On Amazon AWS?


no. It is hosted on linode.

@ARZIMA tx. Any specific location/region? I checked for, it’s in Frankfurt, but it is true for all instances?