Openhab cloud went offline - M4 related?

Hi all - Been out of the country for the last month … system ran flawlessly while I was away, very happy with that!

When I got back I updated my system to openHAB 3.2.0.M4 … but not sure if its related but …

My Openhab Cloud connection is now Offline. I went back and updated the openHAB UUID and openHAB Secret from their respective locations /var/lib/openhab/uuid and /var/lib/openhab/openhabcloud/secret thinking that might have been the issue, but no, it still wont connect.

Any ideas of what I can check?


Well, I rebooted the system just now and then clicked “update” on the Openhab Cloud account page (which I had previously done) … and it went online. Now sure what was wrong. Appears fine now.