OpenHAB compatible multi-power-sockets?

Hello everybody,

I would like to install a multi-socket power-outlet in my smart home. Can anybody recommend a device that is compatible with openHAB?

I’ve seen these and the price seems very good to me. However, it seems there is no binding for this brand.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I actually do not know of any ‘smart’ poweroutlet for which there is a binding in OpenHab, but ofcourse I do not know all.

Having said that, you might be cheaper off, getting a single smart outlet as e.g. the SonOff S20 or S26 or the LonSonHo and plug a standard multiOutlet in it.

That still ofcourse doesnt solve your binding problem, but perhaps there is a better chance for a binding for a known product than for a no brand one
Not sure if you are willing to reflash, but many of those WiFi smart things have an ESP8266 in it, that can be reflashed. The SonOff S20 is particularly simple to reflash

Sorry I do not have a better solution

Edit Other than being able to switch on the Outlet, it also tells you the power consumption of the plug.
As this is all a bit ‘outside’ openhab, I am not leaving a link, but they are easily found on Aliexpress
Other than switching on and off

The QR-code of the app on the page of the outlet is the Tuya app. There is no binding for it, but people have written scripts for it, or might be working on it. You can find several topics on this forum if you search for Tuya.

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That is correct Hilbrand. Functions pretty good. A bit off OpenHab topic: Lonsonho in Tuya works fine with GoogleHome, but not with Alexa. It’s recognized but apparently alexa doesnt know how to handle it. Odd