hello, I am having trouble linking insteonPLM sb modem PLM modem with the module to openhab, I have the standard configuration in my openhab and I already installed the insteonPLM link and I did all the installation in putty, but when I put the command and "openhab / configurations / openhab.cfg "

I don’t know how to link up, could you detail all the steps?

Have you reviewed the documentation in the binding help? For insteon you need to state which type of modem you have in the insteon plm.cfg file. After that you can review the openhab logs and see if it is setup correctly. When setup correctly it will state that a connection was made to the modem and give some other details.

Can you post your services/insteonplm.cfg file that is not working? Let’s start there.

Which version do you use? openhab.cfg is OH1.x only…