openHAB crashes when I send mqtt message from esp8266?

Sometimes it works with esp8266, sometimes it doesn’t. When I send from mosquitto on pc it works, when i use phone app it works, some script publishing using mqtt library it works. Without openhab I can receive data fine from the esp8266, mosquitto subscribes fine, script using mqtt library subscribes fine.

I’m running mosquitto and openhab on the same pc, esp is connected to mosquitto and publishes to normal topic, but whenever I have openhab on during this process the browser just crashes and i have to restart my pc…they just don’t like working together, although sometimes they do

Any idea what might be causing this?


What’s the message?

Describe specifically what you mean by “crashes”.

It would be really unusual for OH to crash just from an MQTT message so it might be something else going on. It’s really unusual for anything to go wrong in a binding that’s bad enough to bring down all of OH.

Windoze ?
Wondering why you have to restart the PC in case of a browser crash. Why not only restarting the browser ?

In case it’s Windoze the Eventviewer may have an entry that gives a hint to the root cause.

Just for referrence: I have many ESP8266 that send and receive mqtt messages and openHAB instances are clients on the same mqtt brokers and I have no reason to suspect that these don’t play nice with each other.

What does the browser display when the problem occurr? what is supposed to happen in OH when the messages from the ESPs arrive? More likely your problems stem from processing the messages …

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yeah i think it’s a processing issue, dunno why i didnt think of this before. Thanks!

everytime i open the browser it’s frozen