openHAB custom design & theme?

Hi all!

as a beginner in terms of openHAB but being experienced in technical stuff and web development, i am interested in the following topic:
How can i customize the whole visual appearance of openHAB for the mobile (enduser) view?

I’ve read about the HABpanel in terms of tablet view and that custom widgets can be changed there, but as well as the smartphone view, a general graphic overhaul (HTML/CSS/jQuery, whatever) is not possible. Am i right?

As a aesthetic appeal loving person i would like to combine all these tremendous functions openHAB provides with some nice look and feel.

Thank you!



you can find here : Design your SVG floorplan or dashboard for HABPanel with Inkscape

it’s work very fine.


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Welcome to the openHAB forum👋

Being experienced, you should be able to work with the open source code hosted on GitHub.

IMHO Habpanel does allow to design your own aesthetic appeal .