openHAB + deCONZ backup Perl script


to backup my openHAB environment I created a Perl script to perform backups of

  • the openHAB configuration by calling the openhab backup tool
  • the deCONZ configuration via HTTP POST
  • a list of additional files
  • certain users home directories
  • certain users crontabs

Output and temporary directories can be determined as well as a mount point to mount a remote directory prior to and unmount after the backup. This way I backup the entire environment including deCONZ and move it to a remote destination in one shot. It’s successfully tested after a SD card crash some weeks ago.

I attached the files and a short description, feel free to use it. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.


ohbackup-pl.files.txt (20.6 KB)
ohbackup-pl.pdf (244.4 KB)