openHAB-Designer don't run

I read some threads about the openHAB-Designer but I can’t get in in operation. I use a Raspberry Pi 2 and have access via SSH (Putty) . When I enter the start command “openHAB-Designer” I get either an error or a permission denied.
Is it possible at all to install openHAB-Designer on a Raspi and run it via SSH?
DI I have to change something in the openhab.cfg or the openhab_default.cfg.

Via Windows it runs, but then I have no direct access to my Raspi - or is that possible?

Please help

openHAB Designer is a Desktop tool, so you have to use it on your desktop.

If you are using Windows, just download the Windows version (it needs the 32bit Java runtime, which can be installed parallel to the 64bit version).
To have a smooth operation method, you can simply install samba at the pi and grant write access to the configurations (and its subs) folder for the windows user.

This link is what I follows to gain access to the files needed.

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